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We are thrilled to announce Henry Rollins as the voice of the Book 3 main villain, Zaheer. Henry did a brilliant turn in this role, taking it very seriously from the get-go, going so far as to conduct an in-depth interview about the character, his background, and his motivations with Mike and me on the phone while he was on a spoken word tour––all before he even recorded his audition. If you aren’t familiar with Henry (likely because you were born in the ’90s or ’00s), he is a legendary punk singer, actor, speaker, activist, and radio DJ. He had a hilarious role in our buddy Kurt Mattila’s co-directorial debut, Lies & Alibis. We heard from Kurt back then how incredibly friendly Henry is and what a pleasure he is to work with, and he exceeded even that glowing report. Hearing Henry’s tales of his fearless travels around the world is a real treat. As Mike says, “He actually is The Most Interesting Man In The World.”

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is so awesome 


those boys.


 i know she’s recovering from being drugged but korra in a tanktop with her hair down is more than i ever could have wanted




Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts- Mercury, Jupiter & Mars. (Afrocentric)



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Thanks for tagging me! I’m glad others like my work, but it couldn’t have been that hard for the OP to tag and track me down….I mean, my URL is right there in the pic. But a share is a share I suppose, I appreciate the love regardless.


get to know me meme; [1/5] favorite actors  » joseph gordon-levitt

"I just like to do work that inspires me, and I don’t pay any attention to whether it’s a high- or low-budget movie."

Brett Dalton attends Comic Con in San Diego | July 25, 2014

The Cast Of #Marvel #AgentsOfShield At #SanDiegoComicCon2014 Panel Season 2 Premieres Tuesday September 23 at 9.8c on #ABC via marveloffices

Ming Na in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gag reel (x)



"We might be scared, but that’s what makes us stronger”


Natasha walking through the Avengers tower with her angry face on and Clint thrown over her shoulder fireman style she just storms past everyone and no one speaks Clint just hangs there and sadly waves to everyone as they pass

myers-briggs personality types

↳ INFP (The Healer)

INFPs are imaginative idealists, guided by their own core values and beliefs. To a Healer, possibilities are paramount; the realism of the moment is only of passing concern. They see potential for a better future, and pursue truth and meaning with their own individual flair.

INFPs are sensitive, caring, and compassionate, and and are deeply concerned with the personal growth of themselves and others. Individualistic and nonjudgmental, INFPs believe that each person must find their own path. They enjoy spending time exploring their own ideas and values, and are gently encouraging to others to do the same. INFPs are creative and often artistic; they enjoy finding new outlets for self-expression.


  • among least likely of all types to suffer heart disease and chronic pain
  • second highest of all types to report marital dissatisfaction 
  • more successful than average in mastering a foreign language
  • among types to be most dissatisfied with their work
  • personal values include autonomy and creativity
  • famous infps: princess diana, audrey hepburn, john lennon, and william shakespeare
  • over represented in occupations in counseling, writing, and the arts



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